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Conquer the blank page with our artificial intelligence, receiving a deluge of content ideas within minutes.



Starting with a URL you provide, our AI analyzes the page and generates 50 relevant keywords, followed by 20 ideas per keyword - a total of 1000 content ideas. For each idea, we provide you with 3 development axes to assist you in starting your article writing.



From a single keyword, our AI analyzes the top 10 Google results and deduces 156 keywords (12 categories and 144 subcategories). For each keyword, we propose 10 ideas accompanied by 3 development axes, yielding a total of 1560 content ideas.


Choose freedom: purchase credits and use them across all our services: Arborescence, Ideas, Text Generation...

25 €

25 credits

1.00 € HT / credit
50 €
50 credits

+ 5% bonus

52.5 credits

0.95 € HT / credit
100 €
100 credits

+ 10% bonus

110 credits

0.91 € HT / credit
500 €
500 credits

+ 15% bonus

575 credits

0.87 € HT / credit
1000 €
1000 credits

+ 20% bonus

1200 credits

0.83 € HT / credit

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Who are we? is developed in France, in Marseille. Our team is at your disposal, please do not hesitate to contact us !

  • Didier Sampaolo, développeur web senior

    Didier Sampaolo

    Senior Developer

    Didier is responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of the platform, ensuring a smooth and optimized user experience for customers.

  • Carole Colombier, prompt engineer

    Carole Colombier

    Prompt Engineer

    Carole is in charge of designing and optimizing idea generation prompts for the AI, ensuring the relevance and quality of the content suggestions provided to customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to our clients' frequently asked questions and clear your doubts to fully enjoy

How does generate content ideas? uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze your website or niche and generate relevant content ideas. By providing some basic information, our AI takes care of suggesting content ideas tailored to your audience.
How long does it take to receive content ideas after ordering?
After placing your order, you will receive your content ideas by email within one hour. Our team ensures that each order is processed quickly to allow you to start creating content without delay.
How are content ideas personalized based on my website or niche?
Our AI analyzes the semantics of the URL you provide when ordering to generate content ideas tailored to your specific needs and audience.
What if I'm not satisfied with the content ideas received?
If you are not satisfied with the content ideas you received, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order. We will strive to understand your concerns and offer solutions, such as generating new ideas or adjusting existing ones.
Are the generated content ideas unique for each client?
Yes, the content ideas generated by are unique for each client. Our AI creates specific suggestions for your website and niche to provide you with original and relevant content ideas.
How can I be sure the suggested content ideas are relevant to my audience? uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze your website and understand the needs of your audience. The generated content ideas are designed to be relevant, interesting, and engaging for your readers.
Can I request modifications or adjustments to content ideas?
If you wish to make modifications or adjustments to the received content ideas, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order. We will be happy to discuss your needs and work together to improve the suggestions.
What types of content (blog articles, social media posts, etc.) can the generated ideas cover?
The content ideas generated by can cover a variety of formats, such as blog articles, social media posts, newsletters, videos, podcasts, and more. Our goal is to provide you with versatile ideas that can adapt to different types of content.
Are there any limitations or restrictions on the topics for which I can request content ideas? is designed to generate content ideas for a wide range of topics and niches. However, we reserve the right to refuse requests for illegal, unethical, or inappropriate topics. If you have any questions about a specific topic, please feel free to contact us before placing your order.
What are the payment options and refund policies for accepts credit card payments via Stripe. If you are not satisfied with the content ideas received, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order to discuss a refund or alternative solution. Our goal is to ensure your 100% satisfaction.