Platform Usage leverages advanced artificial intelligence, combined with custom prompts and the integration of external data, all stemming from intensive research and development, to ensure the delivery of top-tier ideas, sitemaps, and texts for our clients.

We operate with a credit system that allows you to use all the platform services.

Yes, you need to create a client account to access the purchase of credit packs. During registration, we ask for an email address and a password; it's quick and easy!

Client Area Usage

The first page of your area is your dashboard. All your ideas and site structure orders are listed and accessible from this page. You can also find them on the specific IDEAS and SITE STRUCTURE pages.

Your credit balance is displayed in the top right corner of the main bar in your client area.

There is an "Invoices" tab in the sidebar of your client area that lists and allows you to download all your invoices.

Since your texts are linked to an idea or site structure order, you can find your generated texts directly in the report of the associated order.

Yes, each order report allows you to add to favorites, mark as published, or delete an idea. You can then display only your favorites or type a keyword to search directly within the ideas in your report.

Website Connection

From your dashboard, you can add your websites under the "My Websites" section. Enter your website's URL and validate the application password on your WordPress admin. That's it! We can now retrieve authors and categories to publish directly to your site.

No, you don't need to install a plugin. We use a connection with an application password, which you can revoke at any time.

Yes, as soon as your WordPress site is connected, you can find your authors and categories directly on your article's page. You can also choose the status of your article: Draft or Published.

Yes, but you can't directly publish articles to it.

Payment and Credit Packs

We accept credit card payments via the Stripe service. You can purchase your credit packs directly from your client area.

To recharge your credit balance, you can purchase a credit pack on the "Buy Credits" page of your client account.

No, on, there's no commitment; you only pay for what you use.

Yes, with credit packs, you save on every order. Each pack displays a bonus percentage on your credit amount. Up to 20% additional credits.

You spend your credits every time you order idea generation, a sitemap, or content writing.

If you're not satisfied with the received orders, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order to discuss a refund or an alternative solution. Our goal is to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Ordering Ideas and Site Structures

You can choose to generate ideas and sitemaps in five languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, and German. If you have specific needs, contact customer service. We can help!

Yes, the content ideas generated by are unique for each client. Our AI creates suggestions specific to your site and your niche to offer you original and relevant content ideas.

We ensure each order is processed immediately. Your results will be available within a few minutes.

Once an order is processed, your results are instantly visible on your Dashboard.

No, all services on require the creation of your client account and the purchase of credits.

The content ideas generated by can span a variety of formats, such as blog articles, social media posts, newsletters, videos, podcasts, and more. Our goal is to provide you with versatile ideas that can adapt to different types of content.

If you're not satisfied with your order, please contact our customer service at the following email: - We will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction.

Our AI proposes three axes to develop while writing your text, allowing you to obtain very different texts from ideas that might seem similar. ContentDojo's AI content generation uses these axes, which will serve as the basis for setting up the full outline of your article. is designed to generate content ideas for a wide variety of topics and niches. However, we reserve the right to decline requests for illegal, unethical, or inappropriate topics. If you have questions about a specific topic, please don't hesitate to contact us before placing your order.

Idea Generator uses advanced AI to detect, based on the URL you provide, 50 semantically close keywords and concepts. Each keyword results in 20 suggestions, totaling 1000 creative ideas, each broken down into three development axes.

Use the idea generator when you want to enrich your website or refine your editorial strategy. It's ideal for discovering and working on new keywords for your SEO on Google. Moreover, you can also analyze a competitor's URL to identify opportunities and understand their content strategy.

Site Structure Generator

Starting from a single keyword, our AI scans the top results on Google to design a hierarchy for your website. It gives you 156 keywords spread over 12 main categories and 144 sub-categories. Each keyword includes 10 content ideas, amounting to 1560 ideas (with three proposed development axes per idea).

The hierarchy generator is perfect for starting a new website. Our analysis will cover all the short-tail and long-tail keywords necessary to rank your new project.

Content Generator

Go to your report, choose the idea you like, and click on the Generate button. It's as simple as that.

No, the content generated is based entirely on an idea. This unique approach allows us to ensure content that is relevant, precise, and tailored to your brand or site.

Your article will be automatically generated in the same language as your ideas: French, English, Italian, German, or Spanish.

We generate an average of 1000 words, structured with an introduction, and H2 and H3 headings. We use bullet points and bold expressions to highlight important points. We also provide a custom title, H1, slug, and meta-description.

Yes, you can easily link your WordPress sites to We synchronize the categories and authors from your site to facilitate your selection when publishing. You can then choose to save articles as drafts or publish them immediately.

No, not at the moment. If you're interested in this feature, please reach out to our Customer Support.

Once the writing is completed, you can find your text from your Report.

Yes, even though our texts are grammatically correct and semantically optimized, you should review them before any use to spot and correct any inaccuracies or errors. Despite our best efforts, artificial intelligence isn't infallible.